2017 – Special Workshop:

Open to the Public
Presented by Chris Mulder at Barn Owl Nursery, Wilsonville, OR. 
Nicole Callen, Norwood Farm, Tualatin, OR.

Culinary Lavender Workshop – Cost: $50.00, Saturday, April 8, 2017, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Seating is limited.   Deadline to buy tickets: April 6, 2017  
You must pre-register/pre-pay for tickets
 to attend this workshop.
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 This workshop will help you discover how to use culinary lavender to enhance your foods and beverages, as well as how to use it as a colorful garnish!  Explore and experience how to incorporate lavender into your culinary adventures, which foods pair well with lavender, and how to bring out this floral scent and flavor in any dish.  Learn tips on how to grow, preserve, process and store lavender, and which ones are best for cooking.  Make and Take:  You will get hands-on experience in making your own Lavender Tea Blend, a Lavender Herb Blend that can be used as a marinade, vinaigrette or dip, and a Lavender Extract to use for various baking applications.
Join Chris and Nicole, Oregon Lavender Association members, as they share their experiences growing and using culinary lavender. 


Classes and Workshops with Chris at Barn Owl Nursery:

The following are private classes for your group members only.
If you are a member of a garden club or group, or you can assemble a group of 6 to 20 friends or family members
that are interested in attending one of the classes listed below, please email or call 503-638-0387.  
Chris will discuss a date and time to schedule one of the classes for your group at Barn Owl Nursery.  She will work with you to design a class that will meet your group’s specific interests and budget. 

Growing Ornamental Herbs in the Pacific Northwest – $30 – 1 hour
This class will provide basic information for growing herbs in your existing landscape and in containers. Approximately 30 herbs will be discussed and shown. Tips on how to prune and harvest these herbs, as well as some common uses, will be included.  Printed information is available, for an additional fee.

Growing Lavender in the Pacific Northwest – $30 – 1 hour
This class covers how to select plants from the many varieties of lavender that are available in the Pacific Northwest.  We will discuss how to plant, prune and combine lavender with other herbs in the garden and in containers.  A guided garden tour is usually added to this class.  Printed information on growing and using lavender is available, for an additional fee.

Growing & Using Scented-Leaf Geraniums – $30 – 1 hour
Herb of the Year in 2006! Pelargonium is the correct name for these highly scented plants in the geranium family. We sell about 20 of our favorite rose, lemon, mint, fruit and spice-scented varieties. This class shares information on how to grow and use these fragrant herbs. A plant list, selection guide, information and recipes are included, for an additional fee.

Growing & Using Your Own Culinary Herbs – $30 – 1 hour
This is not a cooking class, but a lecture and demonstration on how to grow and use some favorite culinary herbs. We will discuss how to harvest and preserve these herbs to retain their best flavor, and give you ideas of how to use them in family meals, for entertaining guests and for special gifts.  There will be samples of fresh and dried herbs for smelling and tasting.  Printed information and recipes are included, for an additional fee.

Culinary Herbal Gifts Workshop – $50 – 2 hours
This workshop will give you many ideas to make your own culinary creations and gifts from the herb garden. Herbal beverages, vinegar, fresh and dried herb blends and herbal table decorations and ideas for special occasions, will be included.  Make and take 3 gifts to use at home.
Printed information, recipes and materials for 3 gifts are included.

Fragrant Herbal Gifts Workshop – $50 – 2 hours
This workshop will give you many ideas of how to make your own fragrant and ornamental creations and gifts from the herb garden. Ways to use potpourri, including simmering potpourri, moth sachets, bath bags, eye and sleep pillows, as well as fragrant table decorations and ornaments for special occasions, will be included. Make and take 3 gifts to use at home.
Printed information, recipes and materials for 3 gifts are included. 

Creative Potpourri Making Workshop – $50 – 2 hours
Learn the traditional method for making dry potpourri, from picking and preserving the materials, to mixing and creating your own unique blends.   Make and take three batches of potpourri to use at home in a variety of ways. Printed information, recipes and materials for three batches of potpourri are included.