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This list is updated with the products that will be available to pick up
by appointment starting Saturday, March 25.

Select & create your own herb & lavender-themed gifts with a variety of culinary & fragrant products.

We have products for: Aromatherapy, Bath & Body, Culinary Lavender Treats, Dried Lavandin Bundles & Buds, Lavender Essential Oils & Hydrosols, Lavender Sachets & Soaps, & much more! 

We have lovely gift ideas for all occasions.

Barn Owl Nursery Products (Wilsonville, Oregon)
All of our lavender/lavandin is grown using organic practices.

Dried Lavandin long-stemmed bundles (L. x intermedia) $6 – $8

Dried Culinary Lavender Buds (Lavandula angustifolia varieties)
All culinary lavender buds are cleaned/screened several times and processed with extra care.  These varieties are available:
‘Royal Velvet‘ – dark purple-blue buds in glass jar (1/2 oz) – $8
Miss Katherine‘-light pink lavender buds 
in stainless steel tin (1/2 oz) – $6
   as shown on Lavender
Opal Rain‘-light pink/white lavender buds in stainless steel tin (1/2 oz) – $6
   as shown on 

Dried Lavandin Buds for crafts & sachets
 (Lavandula x intermedia)
 1 oz. bag – $4  (1 oz. = approximately 1 cup, cleaned/screened buds)
 Larger quantities, up to 1 pound, are available, while supply lasts.
 Varieties include:  Gros Bleu, Grosso, & a mix of several lavandin varieties

Herbs de Provence Salt-Free Herb Seasoning (in food safe bag)
1 oz. bag – $5 or 2 oz. bag – $9
  A savory, salt-free blend of organic, finely cut herb leaves:  basil, rosemary,
  thyme, parsley, marjoram, tarragon, & whole culinary lavender buds
  Use to flavor a variety of meats, vegetables, soups & stews.

Lavender Sachets
– Prices range from – $1.50 to $15 
Sachets vary in price, depending on the size of the bag & the amount of lavender in the bag.  We have a variety of bags that can be used as sachet bags.
Some are made of sheer organza, some with cotton fabrics. 
A few bags are embroidered or printed
with a lavender design or with different garden-theme designs.  We can fill your choice of bag with our dried lavender or lavandin, or you can buy empty bags to fill with your own home-grown dried lavender.    

Lavender Teddy Bears $30  
This cute purple
bear is made with soft plush fabric. It has embroidered eyes so it is safe for age 3 and up. The head, arms & legs are filled with fiberfill. The tummy is filled
with our dried lavender or lavandin buds in muslin bags.  

Lavender Essential Oils:  We distill our own pure lavender essential oils.  Most of our oils are single varieties in child-resistant blue or amber
glass bottles with dropper inserts.  Our oils are steam-distilled in small batches & aged 2 years before we sell them. 
Lavandin Oil (L. x intermedia) – (1/3 fl.oz./10 ml) Range: $12 – $15 
Single varieties: Bogong, Grosso, Impress Purple, Riverina Alan, Riverina Thomas, Sumian, & Super  
Lavender Oil (L. angustifolia) – (1/3 fl.oz./10 ml)Range: $12 – $18
Single varieties: Buena Vista, French Fields, Munstead, Pacific Blue, Rebecca Kay,
Seal Seven Oaks, & Sharon Roberts
Opal Rain’ lavender essential oil as shown on

Lavender Hydrosol/Water – (4 fl.oz./120 ml) Sale! – $5
Our hydrosols are sold in blue or amber glass bottles with a fine mist sprayer and cap.  Lavender hydrosol has multiple uses including:  aromatherapy, body mist, face-mask spray, glass & counter cleaner, linen or pillow spray, pet bed spray, room spray, yoga mat spray, & more!

Lavender & Herb Teas – Our signature tea blends are packaged in 1 oz. food-safe bags.  They are loose-leaf tea blends (not tea bags) that include our culinary lavender mixed with certified organic herbs, spices, & teas. Each bag of loose tea makes around 25 cups of hot or iced tea.  
Teas with caffeine: (1 oz. bag) $9 

Black Tea: Lavender Cocoa Deluxe  
Green Tea:  Lavender Peach
White Tea: Lavender Rose

Herbal Teas (no caffeine)(1 oz. bag) – $9
Baby Boomer Herbal “Sweet Tea
(no lavender in this tea, sweetened with Stevia leaves)
Lavender Spice Herb Tea

Rooibos-based Teas (no caffeine) (1 oz. bag) $9
Lavender Cranberry Greenbush Herbal Tea
Lavender Honey Cup Herbal Tea 
Lavender Honey Spice Herbal Tea
Mulling Spices with Lavender (3 oz. bag) – $9  
Organic ingredients:  Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Cloves & Allspice, with our Culinary Lavender.  Use this fragrant blend to flavor hot apple cider or other
fruit juices, or red wine.

Down By The River Lavender (Wenatchee, Washington)
Lavender Bar Soap (glycerin soap with lavender essential oil )$5
Lavender Liquid Hand Soap “Lavender Sunrise” (9 oz. pump bottle)$10 
Lavender Body Cream (1 oz.  bottle)$5(4 oz. jar)$20

Lavender Java Scrub- sugar/coffee scrub for hands (4 oz. glass jar)$8

Granny Fi’s Authentic Scottish Shortbread (Aurora, Oregon)  
This delicious shortbread is made in small batches, in three flavors exclusively for us, using our culinary lavender & our savory Herbs de Provence seasoning blend.  Shortbread is packets of 10 round cookies – $9
Three flavor choices:
Herbs de Provence Shortbread – Nice to serve with cheese & wine!
Lavender Shortbread 
Lemon Lavender Shortbread

The Art of Cooking with Lavender
 by Nancy Baggett

Herbal Dresdner Essenz (Germany
Aromatherapy Bath Packets
 – (2.1 oz.)
Active & Vital Sparkling Bath (with Spruce Needle & Eucalytus) – $5
Cold Relief Bath (with Thyme & Honey) – $4.50
Deep Relaxation Bath (with Lemon Balm & Lavender) – $4.50
Muscle Therapy Bath (with Juniper & Rosemary) – $4.50
Provence Bath (with Lavender) – $4.50
Soothe & Unwind Bath (with Lavender & Hops) – $4.50

Klean + Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer (small  purse/travel size bottles)
Crisp Lavender Scent (1.69 oz. spray bottle)$5
Contains: 67% ethyl alcohol scented with eucalyptus, lavender, & rosemary essential oils, with glycerine added.

La Lavande (France)
French triple-milled or quad-milled soap bars, most include Shea butter. 
These natural vegetable-based soaps are hightly scented & long lasting.
These soaps come unwrapped.  We will wrap them in tissue or bags, when puchased.
Lavender flower small square guest soap (25g)$2
Lavender heart-shaped soap (100g)$4.50
Lavendermini heart-shaped soap (11g)$1 
Lemongrass round soap (100g)$4.50
Lemon-shaped soap (75g) Looks & smells like the real fruit!$3.50
Lime-shaped soap (75g) Looks & smells like the real fruit! $3.50 
Linden round soap (100g) $4.50
Rose-scented mini heart-shaped soap (11g) $1

Little Lavender Farm (Dundee, Oregon)
Bath Bomb, Lavender (large heart-shaped, wrapped in bag with label) – $8
Cuticle Salve with lavender & herbs (.05 oz. mini tin) – $5
Lip Balm (.3 oz. tube) Two choices: Lavender or Lemon Lavender – $4 
Small Gift Bags (with a mix of products) – $22 
    Lavender Love (bag includes: bath balm, lip balm, soap bar, sm. sachet)  
   Lavender Medley (bag includes: lip balm, salve, soap bar)   
  Lavender Skin Soother (bag includes: lip balm, salve, soap bar)

Lavender Soap Bar (hand-cut, natural soap, wrapped in bag with label) – $8

MB Botanicals (Tillamook, Oregon)  
Thank you note cards wrapped, single cards: 
  Lavender Design – $4 
  Lip Balm, Moisturizing – (0.15 oz. tube)$4 
  3 choices:  Cocomint, Lavender Mint, Peppermint 
Foot Balm, Soothing – (mini size 0.5 oz.) $5
  Contains:  Mint, Lavender, & Tea Tree essential oils
Sugar Scrub – (mini size 2 oz.) $5
  3 choices:  Lavender-Eucalyptus, Rosemary-Mint, & TangerineSage  

Mosier Valley Lavender (Mosier, Oregon) 
Lavender Soy Candle in glass jar with handle, in gift box – $15 
Lavender Essential Oil Blend (10 ml) glass bottle with roller ball – $8
Lavender Soap Small Bar (.3 oz.) wrapped – $3.50

Norwood Lavender Farm Products (Tualatin, Oregon)
Lavender Simple Syrup-Coffee & Cocktail Syrup (16 oz. bottle)$16
Mini Bottle Lavender Simple Syrup (3.38 oz. bottle) – $8
Lavender Baking & Beverage Mixes:
(All mixes contain dried culinary lavender buds – L. angustifolia)
   Brownie Mix (12 oz.) – $9
   Chocolate Cake Mix (1`0.35 oz.) Makes 9″x9″ cake or 12 cupcakes – $8
   Chocolate Frosting Mix (7.5 oz.) $8
   Hot Chocolate Drink Mix (8.7 oz.) $11

   Lemonade Drink Mix – $11 
   Mini Lemonade Drink Mix (4 oz.) $8  
   Pancake & Waffle Mix (10 oz.) $8
   Scone Mix (11.1 oz.) Makes 8 scones – $8
   Mini Shortbread Cookie Mix (4.25 oz.) Makes 12 cookies $8
   White Cake Mix (10.35 oz.) Makes 9″x9″ cake or 12 cupcakes –  $8 
   White Frosting Mix (6 oz.) $8

Lavender Northwest (LNW) – (produced in Oregon or Washington)
Lavender Beverage & Drink Recipe Brochure – $2.50
Lavender Dessert Recipe Brochure – $2.50  
Lavender Blueberry Jam (8 oz. glass jar) $10
Lavender Dark Chocolate Bars (1 oz. vegan) Sale – $4   
Lavender White Chocolate Bars (1.3 oz.) Sale – $3 
Lavender Dark Chocolate Sauce (6 oz. glass jar) $14 
Lavender-Infused Honey (6 oz. glass jar) $15 
Lavender-Infused Orange Blossom Honey (6 oz. glass jar)$15  
Lavender Recipe Trifold Card (recipes with small pkt. culinary lavender) – $5
Lavender Recipe Trifold Card (recipes with small pkt. of Herbs de 
  Provence blend & small pkt. of our culinary lavender – $8 

Lavender-Razzleberry Simple Syrup (5 oz. glass bottle)$12
Marionberry Lavender Seedless Preserves (12 oz. glass jar) $10 

Swedish Dishcloths with two different Lavender designs – $7

Park Place Perennials (West Linn, Oregon)
Lavender Hand Salve (2 oz. tin) – $16
Lavender Honey Bee Bar (1.5 oz. tin) $18
Lavender Roll-on Calming Oil (10 mL glass bottle) $18
Lavender & Cedar Room Mist (2 oz. glass spray bottle) $18
Lavender & Citrus Room Mist (2 oz. glass spray bottle)$18 

Pre de Provence (France)  
Dry Skin Lavender Hand Cream – 20% Shea butter (1oz. tube) $8.50
     Two scents Lavender or Verveine/Lemon Verbena
Lavender Bar Soap (150g/5.2oz.) with shea butter & dried lavender buds-$6 
Riche Lavender
Hand Butter (1oz. tube) – $8.50
     (triple butters in one tube – cocoa, mango, & shea butters)
Rose Bar Soap (150g/5.2oz.) with shea butter, dried rose petals $6 
Lavender Linen Water (33.8 fl.oz.)$15

Victoria’s Lavender (Newberg, Oregon)
Dead Sea Mud Lavender Facial Mask (6 oz. jar) Sale! – $10
Dead Sea Mud Lavender Spa Bar Sale! – $5
Lavender Bath Salts (12 oz. packet)Sale! – $10

Lavender Body Mist (4 oz. spray bottle)$14  
Lavender Room Fragrance (4 oz. spray bottle)$12
Fir-Lavender Room Fragrance (4 oz. spray bottle)$12
Lavender Lip Balm  (0.50 oz.) Large tube – $9
Lavender/Shea Butter Soap Bar (6 oz.)$6.50
Lavender Sugar Scrub (12 oz. jar)Sale! $12
Vanilla-Lavender Lotion (2 oz. bottle) $5(8 oz. pump bottle)$16
Wayward Winds Lavender (Newberg, Oregon)
‘Grosso’ Lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia) essential oil (10 ml)Sale! – $15

Yogi Certified Organic Teas (Eugene, Oregon)
Box of 16 individually wrapped tea bags $6
Individually Wrapped Tea Bags
$0.50 each
Choose from 5 different tea blends:
Blueberry Slim Life – Green Tea – Contains Caffeine
Cinnamon Berry Probiotic Balance Tea – Contains Caffeine
Stomach Ease-Healthy Digestion Herbal Tea – No Caffeine
Stress Relief Herbal Tea with lavender – No Caffeine
Throat Comfort-Honey Lemon Herbal Tea – No Caffeine 

If you do not see products you are looking for on this list, please ask. We do have other local and imported lavender & herb products available.