Product List/News

However this season we are taking orders for some
pre-packaged products in our gift shop, while they last.
To place an order for these products 
please email your order to
or call, 503-638-0387    
We will assemble products from the shop,
bag your product order and schedule your appointment
for porch-side pick up at the nursery.
Sorry, we are not able to deliver or mail products.
This list is updated with products to order & pick up on August 14.

Barn Owl Nursery Products (Wilsonville, OR.)  
Dried lavender and lavandin bundles – $5
Dried Culinary Lavender buds (Lavandula angustifolia) 1oz. packet – $7
Dried Lavandin buds for crafts
(Lavandula x intermedia) 1 oz. bag-$3
Lavender Sachets – $3 
Small, sheer lavender-colored, heart-shaped bags filled with our fragrant, dried lavender or lavandin flower buds 
Lavender Essential Oils:
Pure Lavandin Oil
(L. x intermedia) – (1/3 fl.oz.-10 ml) – $10
                Cultivars: Bogong, Riverina Thomas, Sumian 
Pure Lavender Oil (L. angustifolia) – (1/3 fl.oz.-10 ml) – $12                                                Cultivars:  Buena Vista, French Fields, Imperial Gem, Munstead,
                Seal Seven Oaks, Sharon Roberts 
Lavender & Herb Teas – Our signature tea blends are all in 1 oz. packets.  They are loose-leaf tea blends (not tea bags) that include our culinary lavender mixed with certified organic herbs, spices & teas. Each packet makes about 30 cups of tea & has instructions for making hot or cold tea.  Mix some of these teas with lemonade and ice for a refreshing summer beverage.
Teas with caffeine: 1 oz. packet – $9 
Black Teas: Lavender Cocoa Deluxe, Lavender Earl Grey,
                     Lavender Sunshine
Lavender Peach Green Tea
Lavender Rose White Tea
Herbal Teas with no caffeine:   1 oz. packet – $9
Baby Boomer Herbal Tea (without lavender, sweetened with Stevia leaves)
Lavender Spice Herbal Tea (OLA label)
Rooibos-based Herbal Teas with no caffeine1 oz. packet – $9
Lavender Cranberry Greenbush Herbal Tea
Lavender Honey Cup Herbal Tea 
Lavender Honey Spice Herbal Tea  

Hive & Garden Honey (West Linn, OR.)
Lavender-infused Creamed Honey (8oz. glass jar) – $12

Klean + Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer (Colorado)
Crisp Lavender Scent (1.69 oz. spray bottle)$5
Contains 67% ethyl alcohol with lavender, eucalyptus & rosemary oil

McTavish Lavender Shortbread Cookies (Portland, OR.)
Lemon-Lavender Mini Heart Cookies (4 oz. bag) – $5

Norwood Lavender Farm Products (Tualatin, OR.)
Lavender Baking Extract (1oz. glass bottle) – $6
Lavender Simple Syrup (no color added, 12oz. glass bottle) – $16
Lavender Baking Mixes: Brownie-$9, Chocolate Cake-$8, Chocolate Frosting-$8, Lemonade-$10 Scone-$8, Shortbread Cookie-$8, White Cake-$8, White Frosting-$8

Oregon Lavender Association (OLA) Products  
OLA Lavender Chocolate Sauce (9 oz. glass jar) – $12
OLA Lavender Dark Chocolate Bars (1.25 oz.) – $4
OLA Lavender Recipe Folder (includes 9 recipes) – $5 
OLA Marionberry Lavender Seedless Preserves (12 oz. glass jar) – $8.50
OLA Natural Handmade Lavender Soap Bar (vegetable-based, scented with           pure lavender essential oil, wrapped in paper with OLA logo) – $4 

Victoria’s Lavender Products (Newberg, OR.)
Lavender Body Mist  (4oz. spray bottle) – $14 
Lavender Linen Spray  (2.5oz. spray bottle) – $8
Lavender Lotion  (2oz. bottle)-$5,  (8oz. pump bottle) – $16
Lavender Room Spray  (4oz. spray bottle) – $12
Vanilla-Lavender Lotion (2oz. bottle)-$5,  (8oz. pump bottle – $16

If you do not see products you are looking for on this list, please ask us.
We do have small quantities of other local and imported lavender and herb products available to order and pick up this summer.