Product List/News

However, this Spring we are taking orders for
pre-packaged products from our gift shop.
To order, please email
or call 503-638-0387    
We will assemble products from the shop,
bag your order & schedule your appointment
for porch-side pick up at the nursery.
Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
between 11:00 am & 4:00 pm.
Closed Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays & Holidays

Sorry, we do not deliver or mail products.
This list is updated with the products that are
available to pre-order
& pick up
by appointment on May 13, 14, & 15.

Barn Owl Nursery Products (Oregon)  
Dried French lavandin or English lavender bundles – $5
(There are approximately 100 stems per bundle)
Dried Culinary Lavender buds
(Lavandula angustifolia) 1oz. packet – $7
Dried Lavandin buds for crafts
(Lavandula x intermedia) 1 oz.=1 cup – $3  (Larger quantities up to 1 pound, are available at low price of $3 an oz.
Lavender Sachets
$3  Small, sheer lavender-colored heart-shaped bags filled with our fragrant, dried French Lavandin flower buds 
Lavender Teddy Bears $20 Cute & small bear sits 7″ tall x 7″ wide – This lavender-colored bear is made with soft, plush fabric and is stuffed with our fragrant dried lavandin buds. (Sweet lavender dreams!) 
Lavender Essential Oils:
(in child-resistant blue or amber glass bottles with dropper inserts)
Pure Lavandin Oil
(L. x intermedia) – 1/3 fl.oz./10 ml – $10 

Pure Lavender Oil (L. angustifolia) – 1/3 fl.oz./10 ml – $12                
Lavender Hydrosol / Water (L. angustifolia) – 4 fl.oz./120 ml – $8
Hydrosols are in blue or amber glass bottles with fine mist sprayer & cap. 
Lavender & Herb Teas – Our signature tea blends are all in 1 oz. food-safe zip-lock packets.  They are loose-leaf tea blends (not tea bags) that include our culinary lavender mixed with certified organic herbs, spices & teas. Each packet makes about 30 cups of tea & has instructions for making hot or cold tea.  Mix some of these teas with lemonade & ice for a cold beverage.
Teas with caffeine: 1 oz. packet – $9 

Black Teas: Lavender Cocoa Deluxe, Lavender Earl Grey & Lavender Sunshine                       
Lavender Peach Green Tea
Lavender Rose White Tea
Herbal Teas with no caffeine1 oz. packet – $9
Baby Boomer Herbal Tea (no lavender, sweetened with Stevia leaves)
Lavender Spice Herbal Tea (OLA label, our recipe & our lavender)

Rooibos-based Herbal Teas with no caffeine1 oz. packet – $9
Lavender Cranberry Greenbush Herbal Tea
Lavender Honey Cup Herbal Tea 
Lavender Honey Spice Herbal Tea
Mulling Spices with Lavender 2 oz. bag – $8 
For hot spiced cider or red wine. 
(Ingredients:  Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Cloves, Nutmeg, Lavender)

Catnip Bags/Toys – filled with organic dried catnip leaves – $5 

Delice Confections (Oregon) 
Salted Lavender Caramel Sauce (7oz. glass jar) Sale – $8

Herbal Dresdner Essenz (Germany) 
Aromatherapy Bath Packets
 – (2.1oz.) – $4.50
Active & Vital Sparkling Bath (with Spruce Needle & Eucalytus)
Cold Relief Bath (with Thyme & Honey)
Deep Relaxation Bath (with Lemon Balm & Lavender)
Muscle Therapy Bath (with Juniper & Rosemary)
Provence Bath (with soothing Lavender)
Soothe & Unwind Bath (with Lavender & Hops)

Klean + Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer (Colorado)
Crisp Lavender Scent (1.69oz. spray bottle)$5
Contains 67% ethyl alcohol scented with lavender, eucalyptus, & rosemary oil, glycerine added

La Lavande (California/France)
French hard milled soaps 
Unwrapped, natural vegetable-based, highly scented & long lasting,
(When purchased, we wrap these soaps in tissue or bags for protection).
Lavender Boutique Extra Mild Curved Soap Bar (100g) – $4
Lavender Flower Eggshaped Soap (75g) – $3.50 
Lavender Flower
Small Square Guest Soap (25g) – $2
Lavender heart-shaped Soap (100g) – $4
Lavender Mini heartshaped Soap (11g) – $1
Lemongrass or Linden Round Soap (100g) –  $4
Lemon or Lime Shaped Soap (75g) (Look & smell like the real fruit!)-$3.50

Little Lavender Farm Products (Oregon)
Bath Bombs wrapped in paper with label – $7
     Two scents:  Lavender or Rose Geranium/Lavender
Calendula/Lavender Salve – (1oz. tin) – $6,  (2oz. tin) – $10
Lip Balms (.3oz. tube) – $4  
Three scents: Lavender, Lemon/Lavender, or Rose Geranium/Lavender
Hand-cut Soap Bars – $7
Three scents:  Lavender, Lavender/Oatmeal, or Rose Geranium/Lavender
Small Gift Bags with Products:
Lavender Mix Up – $18
Rosy Glow – $18

Skin Soother

Mistral (California/France)
Verveine (Lemon Verbena) Luxury Bar Soap (3.14 oz, wrapped) – $5
Verveine (Lemon Verbena) Perfume Oil Roll-on – $20
(.33 fl. oz. small glass bottle, roll-on applicator in small gift box) 

Norwood Lavender Farm Products (Oregon)
Lavender Baking Extract (1oz. glass bottle) $7
Lavender Simple Syrup (12oz. bottle)$16
Lavender Baking & Beverage Mixes
(All mixes have culinary lavender in them).
Brownie Mix – $9
Chocolate Cake Mix – $8
Chocolate Frosting Mix – $8
Hot Chocolate Drink Mix – $10
Lavender Frosting Mix – $8
Lemonade Drink Mix – $10
Pancake & Waffle Mix – $8 (New)
Scone Mix – $8 
Shortbread Cookie Mix – $8
White Cake Mix –  $8

Oregon Lavender Association / Lavender NW (Oregon)
Lavender Chocolate Bars – $4
     Lavender Dark Chocolate Bar or Lavender White Chocolate Bar (New)

Lavender Chocolate Sauce (9 oz. glass jar) – $12
Lavender Recipe Folder (includes 9 recipes) – $5 

Marionberry-Lavender Seedless Preserves/Jam (12oz. glass jar)-$8.50
(A delicious local treat.  We have a following for this product)!    
Lavender Soap Bar (vegetable-based, scented with lavender essential oil, wrapped in paper) – $4  

Pre de Provence (France)  
Dry Skin Hand Cream-20% Shea butter (1oz. tube) – $7
  Two scents: Lavender or Verveine/Lemon Verbena
Lavender Bar Soap 150g (natural soap with shea butter & dried
   lavender, quad-milled) – $6 
Rose de Mai Bar Soap 150g – $6 (New)
Rose Petal
Bar Soap 150g – $6.50  (New)
Take Two
Bar Soap-7oz. – Sale $8 (two bars in one, lavender & tonka)
Linen Water (33.8 fl.oz.) – $15
Riche Lavender Hand Butter (1oz. tube) – $7
(Triple buttery cream with Shea, Cocoa & Mango butters)
Soap on a Rope – Lavender bar soap,  enriched with shea butter – Sale – $8

Suzi’s Lavender Products (Oregon)
Aromatherapy Inhalers (.04oz.) – $4
     Awaken Your Body (mixed herbal scent)  
     Calm Your Mind (lavender scent)  
Botanical Body Lotion (8oz.) – $16
Botanical Day Face Cream (2.3oz.) jar – $18
Botanical Night Face Cream (2.3oz.) jar- $22
Lavender Foaming Face Wash (8.5oz.) – $11.50
/Lemon Lip Therapy (.15oz.) – $4.50

Victoria’s Lavender Products (Oregon)
Dead Sea Mud Lavender Facial Mask (6oz. jar) Sale – $15
Dead Sea Mud Lavender Spa Bar Sale $7
Lavender Body Mist  (4oz. spray bottle) – $14 
Body Wash (9 fl.oz.) – $12
Lavender/Rosemary Body Wash (9 fl.oz.) – $12
Linen Spray (2.5oz. spray bottle) – $8
Lotion (2oz. bottle) – $5, or (8oz. pump bottle) – $16
Lavender Room Fragrance  (4oz. spray bottle) – $12
Lavender/Fir Vegetable-based Soap Bar – $6
Lavender/Fir Room Fragrance (4oz. spray bottle) – $12
Lip Balm  (0.50oz.) Large tube – $9
Sugar Scrub (12oz. jar) – Sale – $18 
Vanilla/Lavender Lotion (2oz. bottle)-$5,  (8oz. pump bottle) – $16
Vanilla/Lavender Candle (100% soy in clear glass holder) – $15
100% Soy Candle in Decorative Tin with lid (8oz.) – $17 
     Three scents:  Lavender, Lavender/Fir, or Lemongrass/Sage/Lavender 

Wayward Winds Lavender Products (Oregon)
Lavender Balsamic Vinegar (5 fl.oz. glass bottle) – Sale – $10
Essential Oil – Grosso (10ml)$17
Laundry Liquid Soap
(16 fl.oz) – Sale – $10
Lavender/Peppermint Lip Therapy (0.15 fl.oz. tube)$4.50

Yogi Certified Organic Teas (Oregon)
Box of 16 individually wrapped tea bags – $6 a box
Individually Wrapped Tea Bags – $0.50 each
Choose from 4 different tea blends:
Blueberry Slim Life – Green Tea – Contains Caffeine
Stomach Ease-Healthy Digestion Herbal Tea – No Caffeine
Stress Relief-Honey Lavender Herbal Tea – No Caffeine 
Throat Comfort-Honey Lemon Herbal Tea – No Caffeine 

If you do not see products you are looking for on this list, please ask. We do have small quantities of other local and imported lavender & herb products available to order & pick up this season.